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  • We believe it makes sense as part of our stewardship to promote conservation through the reuse of salvageable wood, primarily from old barns that have outlived their usefulness. In 18th and 19th century America various species of old growth timber dominated our forestlands and were often used in the construction of these barns. Seasoned by tens of decades or more, some weathered by the elements, some scarred by insects and nails, today these old wooden components still exhibit dense growth rings and contain many unique characteristics imparted by early craftsmen and by the natural aging process.
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    We provide personal one-on-one professional service to all our clients, from initial advice to delivered product.

    Barn Shadow Enterprises is dedicated to promoting the reuse of recycled old growth wood resources derived from our American heritage, reclaimed from aging barns or salvaged from other historical sources.

    Barn Shadow Enterprises conducts its wholesale business as a registered partnership in the state of New York and networks with suppliers & distributors in many states. BARN SHADOW ENTERPRISES 32 Lee Pl. Wellsville, NY USA 14895 

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