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Softwood Weathered Barn Siding





3/4 inch thick (1X) old White Pine and/or Hemlock exterior siding ranging from from 8” to 12”+ wide in random lengths from 4’ to 20’ (avg 10’ - 12’), usually square sided; denailed, sound, no rot, squared off / trimmed, min. cupping.

Siding usually sold with mixed coloration including shades of silvery grey, dark grey with brownish hues, classic faded American barn red and/or trace of old white paint. All grey available but usually takes longer to accumulate.

Air dried by Mother Nature, not kiln dried. Min. order 1,000 SF




Hardwood Weathered Barn Siding



3/4 inch thick (1X) or one inch thick (4/4) weathered oak / beech / poplar mix or single specie available in lengths from 4’ to 14’ (avg 8’ - 10’) in random widths 6” to 12”+ (avg 7”-10”); denailed, various exterior surface textures, coloration various shades of grey, occasional trace of old paint, min. cupping, air dried or kiln dried. Recommend kiln dried for interior applications. Min. order 500 SF





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